Festivalia Does a Houseparty

article-image Melissa Renteria @ 2021-07-30 22:14:40 +0200

It has been a strange summer in the northern hemisphere, the pandemic has presented us with a new reality where we are mostly confined to our homes, and where social distancing is the new norm. We have been limited to hanging out with many of our loved ones through a screen and instead of jetting between summer destinations we were made to stay still. Although almost every in-person event was cancelled, as it should have been, there were still some great opportunities to listen to amazing music. There were Zoom parties, new Soundcloud releases, shared playlists, live Facebook and Youtube events, and of course, the Multiverse.

We wanted to share with you some of our favourite audio moments from these past months, to play at full volume and pretend there are 50 of your best friends dancing with you in your living room.

-This set from our dear Eli Light was played during the Friday of the Virtual Burn. A Phenomenal set that made us feel in the desert without leaving the comfort of our living room


-As always, Pablo and Mateo were delivering the goods with this amazing set. Turns out that if you look at everything from afar, everyone’s life is an occasion, as is the fact that the Earth orbits the Sun and rotates around its own axis. Everything, really, is an occasion


-This set from our friend Tigree, an incredible fashion photographer turned DJ, who will take you on a mellow trip with ghostly vibes. Courtesy of Tierra Bomba


-Progressive king Sainte Vie made our lockdown with this jewel of a set we wish were listening to at sunrise somewhere surrounded by our favourite people


-This salsa and cumbia set the same Tierra Bomba virtual gathering, the perfect start to any party, will transport you to a Cuban café playing only the best songs one after the other


Some other notorious sets that are not from this summer, but were played at some live festivals that seem like from a distant past… we still have them on repeat and have been a balm throughout the pandemic:

-Carlita making us shake our booty for two full hours straight at Garbicz


-Alonso Rivero with one of the best Disco sets we’ve heard at Burning Man


-Berlin Queens Caleesi and Sarah Kreis transporting us with this magical set played at the Mezcal Amores party in Oaxaca