All the Reasons we Love Garbicz

article-image Melissa Renteria @ 2021-07-30 22:28:17 +0200


 Try to imagine a door guarded by two unicorns, within an enchanted forest, by a magical lake with mind blowing music – even this description would not do justice to what is Garbicz. I won’t try to sell you a one-way ticket for this festival held the first week of August, just over the German border in Poland, but you will be tempted to stay even after it has officially ended. In fact, the best part of Garbicz starts when all the volunteers and workers also start joining the party. To go to this festival you have to be ready to listen to the best music you’ve ever heard.

For almost two years different groups of friends have invited me and tried to convince me to come along to the festival, but partly due to a lack of time and partly due to the expense of Burning Man (which I go to every year) I had always postponed, up until this year.

How to explain it in a few words? The creators want to offer an atypical festival compared to all the others with a great ecological and non-commercial stamp, created by a small group of artists, where music creates a connection between all the participants of this adventure. I must admit that in the beginning I was frightened by the idea of ​​finding myself with all my super colourful clothes among the Berlin crowd, famous for their darker styles. But in reality the music transforms the differences into something magical and it is possible to explain it only through the big smile that me and all other festivalgoers have stuck on our faces during the festival. Another amazing feature that needs to be mentioned is the lake: whether you’ve just woken up or are dancing during a DJ set at the hottest hours, a dive into that water regenerates you completely.

The festival has 8 main stages, not taking into consideration the hidden ones or the improvised ones – I can tell you they are all worth visiting as they each have their own appeal and character. A surprising aspect of the festival is also the quality and offer of food, from vegan to Neapolitan pizza or the one and only burger, you will never stop being amazed.

I’ve tried to describe the various aspects of this festival but why it’s difficult to get down to it and explain to you why it’s so amazing as every time I think of Garbicz I have a huge smile on my face. In short: you must go!


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