Why we’re not missing it

Unique in its magical atmosphere and tucked away in the small and beautiful Polish village of Garbicz, the festival is going into its tenth year of existence and aging very well if we may say so. The festival is organised by the party creators of Bachstelzen and Katerblau/Holzmarkt in Berlin and really has that special touch. With a big lake to swim in and lots of trees to camp under, the scenery and vibe is pretty spectacular. The ticket price includes bus rides to and from the festival grounds, excellent food and drinks as well as offering clean toilets and importantly a nice place to take a shower. Be prepared to meet a bunch of incredibly warm and friendly people in combination with listening to fantastic music in dreamlike surroundings. We’re sold.

Pro Tips

Don’t forget to do a little dance on the Moos Floos, the floating dancefloor on the lake. On that note, don’t you dare jump into the water in your glitter-covered body – the party crew takes their ecosystem very seriously and prefers to keep the natural surroundings glitter free.
What to wear

What to wear

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