Burning Man


Why we’re not missing it

‘Tis the mother of all festivals, what else can we really say about Burning Man? With so much to take in, experience, hear and feel – to the core – we really recommend everyone, and we mean everyone, to go at a certain point in life. There is something for each and everyone of us and one will have a totally different adventure than the other. A week in the dust will put everything into perspective. Believe us!

Needless to say, don’t just stay in your camp – go out and explore (on foot, by bicycle or in an art car – we love all transport methods here!). People from all over the world work months in advance to show off their skills, may that be in art, music, outfits or creating a general mindset. What you experience at Burning Man will stay with you forever.

Pro Tips

Make sure you plan ahead and sign up for the Main Ticket Sale in April, if you are not lucky getting your ticket on the main sale, you can try buying a Burner Express ticket that allows you to purchase one festival ticket and riding the Burner Express bus into the festival. We also highly recommend you have a look at our packing list below to make it through a week in the desert.

What to wear

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