Festivalia Goes Down Under

by Marco Fusaro

Burning Seed Festival | The Festivalia Review | Festivalia.com

There are occasions in life where you cannot (and should not) say no. A musical festival I have never been to is certainly among these occasions. Thanks to this obsession of mine and having just returned to Australia to take on a new professional experience I was easily drawn to the music being created in every corner of this country. What I have learned living on this continent is that there is always something fun to do. In fact, the only difficult part (and disadvantage) of living here is to have to choose which festival to go to, especially because Australia has so many huge festivals every year, bringing with it a lot of local and international artists.

In ‘God’s land’, outdoor festivals are something of another level. The locations, the music lovers who participate and needless to say the music make it absolutely unique.

Burning Seed “Deeper Space” 2017, Subsonic Music Festival 2017, Rainbow Serpent Festival 2018 and Pitch Music & Arts 2018 are just some of the events which I visited over the last 8 months and where I wore out the soles of my dance shoes and recharged the energy of the soul and mind. Yes, because each time an Australian festival is also an opportunity to get in touch with nature, dancing among impressive forests, at the foot of mountains or on the banks of rivers and creating indissoluble connections with those who will be new friends.

Hereby my review of two of my favourite festivals. All I can say is book your tickets and experience it for yourself.

Burning Seed Festival | The Festivalia Review | Festivalia.com

BURNING SEED “Deeper Space” 2017 @ Matong State Forest

“What is Deeper Space? It is an empty region of ‘outer space’ beyond our reach, or is it a place to find a deeper understanding of ourselves and the space that lies between us?

As humans, we constantly search for meaning to our existence, we look for connections with others and we have gazed at the stars with childlike wonder imagining what else is out there and if we are alone in the universe.

Burning Seed is a reminder that we are not alone and that we are all connected to a deep level. Gaze to the stars and look for a deeper feeling.

Burn Bright

(words by Andy Goodyear)

Last September, I was lucky enough to attend Burning Seed Australia, a regional Burning Man event held in the State Forest of Matong in the state of NSW. It brings together the ten principles of the original Burning Man and is a collaborative experience that brings together wild and creative minds.

Personally, it was my first Burn and it was epic. I arrived after a 12-hour drive in this surreal place where we reconnect with mother nature and immediately breathe in the community air. It is difficult to call it a festival and compare it to any other festival. Here the participants create the place where for a week we connect and have fun together – unlike in festivals where organisers create a product for customers.

And that’s what makes it magnificent. Experiences and creativity are the result of all of us and not of a small group that creates the event.

The thematic fields, dozens of which are the interactive core of the event, represent a city that disappears (until next year) without leaving a trace of our passage…

During Burning Seed I spent time attending workshops such as kiss’art, bass marathon, unwind and sweat, 5 love languages ​​discussion, sensual massage, contact juggling, face and cup decorating, home for tired souls, classy as fuck, bedtime stories, exploring shame, art therapy, dance like fire and many more.

Today I bought the ticket for the next Seed 2018 and only 135 days are left before “Fire it up!” kicks off!

Pitch Music & Arts | The Festivalia Review | Festivalia.com

PITCH MUSIC & ARTS 2018 @ Moyston Melbourne

Pitch is back for the second year after a highly successful 2017 and has redesigned the rules of what will now be the benchmark for a certain type of festival in Australia.

After a ‘short’ (as the Australians like to put it) drive on the road four hours from Melbourne, I found myself in an area bordering Mafeking, Victoria. I arrived at the gates of Pitch Music & Arts 2018 excited and eager to dance to the sets of some of my favourite artists ever. The Black Madonna, Mimi Love, Floating Points, DJ Tennis, Mano Le Tough, Moodymann and Motor City Drum Ensemble were only a small part of what was waiting for me.

After reaching friends and setting up the tent I had a first taste of the amazing culinary experience on offer through the many dining options that are undoubtedly one of the beautiful features of Australian festivals. The food offer is always very extensive and high quality.

Now I was ready to explore the festival area and be pleasantly surprised by what the whole Pitch team managed to create and thereby making our experience unique. Hammocks under the trees, large straw hay bales stacked to allow you to sit and relax your legs between one dance and the other and especially the stages. The main stage seen from a distance looked like a cube that opens and twists, leaving space for a huge dance floor where we spent four days burning calories and exchanging smiles.

Pitch at the music level has easily entered my top ten of the best festivals I have ever attended. Even perhaps I could say this already only for the fourth day of the festival. Here they call it Mad Monday and similar to the Rainbow music festival I previously reviewed, the atmosphere of Monday is magical.

I danced for all eight hours where the DJ Tennis console and Motor City Drum Ensemble switched each other out. This huge closing ceremony brought the crowds on a journey where everyone sang and danced together with their hands turned towards the sky. I will never forget this moment, the best way to end an incredible weekend.

The music, the people and the atmosphere have come together perfectly to create an incredible experience for us and for the artists. I’m curious to see how they will manage next year after setting the bar so high in 2018. See you next year, Pitch!

Festivalia Goes Down Under


420 | The Festivalia Review | Festivalia.com

Here we are celebrating 420, or what some people would prefer to call World Cannabis Day, a tribute to the Waldos, a group of teenagers from San Rafael, California, that would gather at 4:20 PM to light up fresh out of high school class…

In this 47th anniversary there is a lot to say about where we are regarding weed. There have been huge steps forward in the medicinal front, as it continues to grow not only as a true pain reliever but also a way of treating symptoms of complex diseases (chronic pain, muscle spasms related to multiple sclerosis, glaucoma). It is now legal to sell/buy weed for medicinal purposes in 29 states in the US. Pure CBD Stains (one of the two key cannabinoid components, and the non-psychoactive one) are being grown and sold legally in Canada, Spain, Italy, UK, and Switzerland among others.

On the recreational front, more and more countries (Spain, Uruguay, and soon Canada) have legalized their open use, as well as 10 states in the US. Unfortunately, at the federal level it is still illegal, and while there was a dictated Federal position of non-prosecution under Obamas administration, Trump is going back and forward in settling on a position. It has become a huge business at $6 billion annual turnover and growing at 40% a year, and States like Colorado (now Republican), has a blooming industry that do not want, nor cannot afford to see it halt.

Culturally, It has reached the most unlikely social segments; vaporizers, gummies and all sorts of interesting and innovative formats for using it have also helped get to new people that would rather not smoke, or simply are no longer worried about social judgement…. From “glamorous” high-end brands (Beboe), medicinal-focused (Dosist), and high-quality organic strains (Lowell Farms), to pretty impressive edibles (Plus), there is a product out there ready for each and everyone of you to jump onto the bandwagon of this new era in the world of weed…

See you at 4:20 PM on Friday kids….


Exclusive to Festivalia: Discount for the Wakana Lake Reunion Festival in Spain

Wakana Lake Reunion | Festivalia.com

Wakana Lake Reunion is a unique and exclusive event held on May 18-20th in Los Alcornocales Natural Park, in Cádiz, Spain. Get ready to enjoy art, music and nature in a stunning setting. Activities include paddle surf, water ski, yoga, meditation and ayurvedric massages.

The lineup this year includes BLOND:ISH, Stimming, Stavroz, Crussen, and more than 20 other DJs and instrumental musicians.

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Exclusive to Festivalia: Discount for the Wakana Lake Reunion Festival in Spain

Festivalia Goes Mountaineering

*Festival mountaineering, that is

Festivalia Goes Mountaineering | The Festivalia Review | Festivalia.com

Greetings 2018! And hello good old New Year’s resolutions… Haven’t we heard them all? Dry January, quitting smoking, world peace and our personal favourite: doing more sports (yes, health is wealth!). We have decided not to waste any time by booking a few activity and fresh air-infused trips to the mountains. Where are we heading? Verbier, Mayrhofen, Crans-Montana and Avoriaz to name a few; once the snow melts we’ll be on a plane to Telluride, Colorado. And no, we will not be skiing any time soon – instead we will be dancing our way from one peak to the other over the next few months. Check out our top 5 mountain music festival destinations below and get informed… See you on top of the hill!

Festivalia Goes Mountaineering

Festivalia Gets on the Mulled Wine/Vin Chaud/Glühwein/Glögg Track

Festivalia Mulled Wine Recipe | Festivalia.com

It’s December and getting cold outside. Christmas parties are starting to make us long for a January detox already and you feel like you’re in dire need of a holiday. Just then you step into the pub and are hit by that smell we all love and hate at the same time: ’tis the season of that wonderful warm wine we like to call mulled, chaud, glühd or, in Scandi style, glöggd. Bring it on! With the right recipe this drink will be your friend all throughout the dark days, Christmas celebrations and New Year hangover.

We have searched far and wide, and this recipe is definitely our favourite. Fire up your sauce pan and get your glasses ready!


750ml red wine
150g castor sugar
1/2 cup orange juice
peel of one lemon
peel of one orange
1 star anise
1 cinnamon stick
5 cloves
1 tsp fresh nutmeg
pinch of ginger


1.  Place all ingredients except the wine into a large saucepan and put over medium heat. Add just a small amount of red wine to the pan to ensure the sugar is covered and let it cook for 4-5 minutes until it becomes thick and sticky. This should let all the spices infuse well.

2.  Once the mixture has become sticky enough, add the rest of the wine and turn down the heat. Please note: you don’t want the wine to boil otherwise all the alcohol will evaporate. Let cook for 5 minutes and serve hot with slices with fresh orange.

Merry Christmas from Festivalia!

Festivalia Gets on the Mulled Wine/Vin Chaud/Glühwein/Glögg Track